Campaign details

Agency: Creation India
Brand: Star World


Robert is Ned's best friend, who in turn is Robert's lover's brother, who was kidnapped by a Targaryen prince, who in turn was married to a Martell daughter, who was killed by the guard of the Lannister house, whose daughter is now married to Robert, and Little Finger is about to start the War of the Five Kings!

Sounds gibberish doesn't it? Especially for a non-Game of Thrones (GoT) follower – the ones we had to recruit for Star World. While there was still a major chunk of the masses who preferred watching English programmes on television, as opposed to streaming them online, most of these people were not following the show! This was our opportunity to reach out and recruit them as GOT viewers. Our strategy was to simplify the new season for the masses via creative content, and lure them into the Star World universe. Did our plan work? It did! Star World catapulted to the No. 1 position in terms of Media Share of Voice.

Situation analysis, challenge and objectives