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  • We take unknown companies in new markets, create a narrative, and build movements to support them.
  • We work as an extension of our clients, collaborating closely with founders, CEOs, data scientists, engineers, and marketing experts.
  • We love to geek out on self-driving cars, robotics, new polymers, augmented reality, and AI, but we're more interested in their impact. We care deeply about how these solutions shape society.

The Client

  • Thor Trucks is a transportation lab focused on providing electric solutions for fleets in the regional market. These are trucks with routes that are less than 300 miles a day (70% of all routes in the U.S.)
  • In six months, two twenty-five year olds built Thor's first prototype: a fully electric class 8 semi truck.
  • The company hired The Bulleit Group when it was ready to come out of stealth.

The Challenge

  • We had two constraints: a limited budget with no additional marketing support and a need to control the story.
  • We were also at risk of getting overshadowed by an upcoming announcement from a massive competitor.
  • The question was: do we beat the competitor to the announcement, or do we let them go first but give one journalist unparalleled access to our truck?

Situational Analysis

  • It was rumored that Tesla was announcing it own semi-truck in November 2017, the same month Thor Trucks was going to launch
  • Instead of putting off the announcement (or moving it up), we decided to swing for the fences and use Tesla to propel Thor Trucks' narrative forward.
  • Our ideal headline: "Thor Trucks is Beating Tesla to the Streets"

The Right Fit

  • We decided to launch in three parts.
  • First, we knew that Ashlee Vance from Bloomberg was our best bet given his personal connection to Elon Musk.
  • We offered him a company profile, pitching a comparison between the two semi-trucks—which one will prevail?
  • Second, we planned an in-depth look at the ET-One to Trucks.com, to hit one hour after Bloomberg.
  • Third, we organized a day-of media blitz to ensure maximum coverage.

How We Did It

  • We set the stage so that Ashlee met the founders on the same night Elon Musk revealed his own semi-truck 10 miles away.
  • Ashlee and his Bloomberg video crew spent the day shooting the ET-One in action.
  • In parallel, we prepared a deep-dive with
  • Trucks.com so that the Thor Trucks launch would hit both tech and trade press.
  • As planned, the comparison to Tesla became the go-to reference among the media and trucking enthusiasts, with the consensus being that the ET-One stacked up as a legitimate competitor.
  • After Bloomberg and Trucks.com, we spread our efforts wide securing more day-of coverage across business, tech, and trade press than we could have imagined.