Campaign details

Advertiser: Unocoin
Brand: Unocoin
Agency: Value 360 Communications
Country: India


It is rightly said, "When you innovate, you've got to be prepared for everyone telling you you're nuts" - Larry Ellison.

Unocoin Technologies Pvt. Ltd is India's first and the largest bitcoin exchange in the country.

Being the largest bitcoin exchange, the brand enjoyed decent positioning in the country, but the industry in itself faced lack of awareness amongst the target audience i.e. media, government and general public.

If the target audience could not comprehend this new digital currency, which is vying to gain traction in India, establishing Unocoin alone would not serve the purpose.

  1. In a clouded scenario when the RBI issues a cautionary note regarding bitcoins; the continuous stories all over the internet on bitcoin hacking, money laundering, bitcoins being used in porn websites, selling child abuse pictures in bitcoins etc, the advisory was tasked in managing public relations for Unocoin, a brand that had been on Indian soil since 2012 and is perhaps the first entrant in the bitcoin industry in India.
  2. To build a positive sentiment in the eyes of the media – Indian media has been majorly landscaping the controversies revolving around the currency and is shying away from focusing on the whats, the hows and the whys about bitcoin and the potentiality of creating a renaissance in the financial ecosystem of the country.
  3. Unocoin, although being the first entrant to the bitcoin market in India, has been lacking media coverage with respect to its competition like Zebpay, CoinSecure and BTC India
Task at hand and objective