Campaign details

Advertiser: Vistara
Brand: Vistara
Agency: Avian Media PvT Ltd
Country: India

Bringing back the charm of flying

The Indian aviation industry has seen variations in customer service over a short period of time, unlike other mature aviation markets. From queuing up to pick the best seat (Air Deccan) to being treated like a king (Kingfisher) and finally a very cut and dry approach to flying by the LLCs. Out of the three, the one that has largely stuck around is the LLC model. Because of this, people had forgotten the finer things associated with flying, the little details that made a customer feel special and made their journey worthwhile. Vistara took it upon themselves to bring back the charm of flying into the Indian aviation industry.

Vistara's goals were set

  • To bring about a change in the way flying was perceived in India – not just a mechanical task with a singular aim of reaching their destination on time, but a seamless flying experience. An experience that would include thoughtful service and would compel customers to pay a premium to fly with Vistara.
  • Delighting customers by driving innovation to strengthen its unique value proposition and expansion of operations to suit the customer's needs.
  • Highlight the amalgamation of the core values of two iconic brands – exceptional services of Singapore Airlines and the trust of the TATA lineage.

Audience insights

Air travel was a chore and travellers were only interested in travelling from point A to point B, with 'on time performance' being the sole focus. There was an increase in disposable income, however travellers were wary of paying a premium for an enhanced flying experience. Additionally, the obsolete 5/20 rule prevented an airline to fly international unless they served 5 years in the domestic skies and had a fleet of at least 20 aircraft.