Wendy's plays in the world of fast food, taking on competitors like McDonald's and Burger King. So, what was the brand doing playing in the world of Nicki Minaj and Kanye West? It was winning the ultimate "beef." Known for its rapid-fire responses and sizzling social media content, Wendy's found itself in the middle of a Twitter beef. In October, 2017, a fast food competitor rapped about its menu items.

The Wendy's team responded immediately, and a rap battle ensued. A subsequent Buzzfeed poll determined that Wendy's raps were the overwhelming winner among fans, with 87 percent of the vote. The Wendy's team decided to up its game — going into the studio with a secret stable of rappers to drop a blistering five-song EP and take the whole concept of diss track "beefs" to another level. It was a high-risk venture. Fans could tune in or turn against the brand. The team's goals were as bold as the mixtape idea - generate hundreds of millions of earned media impressions, and most importantly, earn a legitimate spot on hip-hop music charts, confirming Wendy's authentic voice with fans.

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