Campaign details

Advertiser: Western Union Financial Services
Brand: Western Union Financial Services
Agency: Edelman
Country: India

Situation analysis

Western Union, a leader in global payment services with over 160 years of history and over two decades in India, aims to 'Move Money for Better'. They are a brand that millions rely on to send money to loved ones across borders. To ensure a formal remittance system and to support growth of the economy, Western Union has helped families get easier access to remittances, via partnerships with Indian banks, agents and India Post. It goes beyond just getting money to the remotest parts of India. The bigger social purpose that Western Union has sought to drive with these partnerships is to bring about financial inclusion through getting the unbanked into the formal banking world as well as empowering women across India.

With the government of India introducing several initiatives including licenses to payment banks to bring unbanked citizens of India in to the banking realm, the contribution of a large-scale remittance player like Western Union was little understood. The company was perceived as a cash-to-cash player globally.