Campaign Objectives & Challenges

China, while seemingly homogenous from the outside, contains more than 240 cities that the Chinese youth call home. Each with a rich, diverse culture and backstory.

In a nation full of fragmented attention-spans, Coca-Cola - a brand that stands for 'togetherness' - had to find a way to remain relevant.

On a business level, the Chinese beverage market was undergoing fast innovation and premiumization. In the previous year (2017), new product launches, in the form of fancy packaging and flavor variants, increased by 15% (Source 1). These new products were eating into Coca-Cola's share of attention and spend - of whose current product innovation came only in the form of a sleek can, a single-serve format can that was considered stylish for its slender shape.

The strategic communication challenge:

To market a premium product priced 30% higher than its regular Cans that wasn't going to be just a novelty fad, but something that stood the test of time, by offering an intrinsic value that resonated with Chinese youth.