Campaign details

Brand: Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Brand owner: Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Lead agency: BBDO Bangkok 
Country: Thailand
Industries: Public health
Media channels: Packaging & design 
Budget: No budget

Executive summary

One hundred percent of hearing-impaired people take off hearing aids at night due to discomfort. It means they're shut off from the world. But more than 70% of dangers happen at night. So, these people become unaware and cannot protect themselves. We wanted to help the hearing-impaired to be aware even when they sleep.

Market background and objectives

According to statistics collected by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Society in 2017, there are 321,063 people with hearing impairments in Thailand. So, we conducted a further survey in this group and found that 100% of them take off their hearing aid at night. Moreover, 35% of them said that they experienced accidents at night because they could not hear any sounds. We saw this problem as an opportunity. Thus, Hearing Rescue was created to help the hearing-impaired to be safe and in control of the situation even in their most vulnerable moment.

Insight and strategic thinking