There has been a tendency in advertising to mimic the craft and conventions of whichever medium it is appearing in. When you open a copy of Vogue you find that the photoshoots for the adverts are as striking and of a quality approximate to those for the editorial. Famous TV spots follow the same narrative arcs as the programmes they interrupt, pulling us into little thirty-second dramas and comedies.

Sometimes this practice can be misleading – pieces of direct mail trying to look like important letters, for example – but regularly it is glorious, like when an advertiser throws everything into a beautifully shot and directed cinema placement.

It is possible to do this because we have tested and refined our approach to these media channels over years and years. Each of us has made a poster for something and I’ll be surprised if anyone reading this hasn’t idly tried to come up with an idea for a TV spot. The conventions are clear, and the tropes are embedded in our minds.