From the advent of the smartphone, to the rise of 5G and IoT, we are seeing digitisation impacting our daily routines more than ever. The digital revolution has made its presence felt across multiple industries, and today’s consumers interact with a vast array of technologies, particularly when they’re out of home.

We now live in a culture where we are constantly seeking new information via our smart devices – whether it’s reading the news, catching the latest sports or weather updates, or chatting with friends. Not only that, people will regularly broadcast what they’re doing when out of home using social media – where they are, who they’re with, what they look like and how they’re feeling.

This culture has transformed the path-to-purchase journey.

OOH needs to adapt to the smart-device focused commute

With society now immersed in digital connections, our lives have evolved around our smart devices. Now, whether people are commuting or socialising, they are often researching, communicating, updating or purchasing on their phones. As a result, brands have also had to adapt to this ‘always-on’ connectivity. With the increase in time spent out of home, it’s important that OOH advertising solutions adapt to this change of behaviour.