Campaign details

Brand: Nanhi Kali
Brand owner: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
Lead agency: Famous Innovations
Country: India
Industries: Charities & voluntary organisations
Media channels: Direct marketing

Executive summary

More than 400 NGOs work for children's education in India, but 20 million girls remain uneducated. The culprit is the 'ask, receive, forget and ask again' motto of several charities in India. Few organisations make the relationship between cause and donor genuinely meaningful. This results in donors becoming immune to such initiatives.

Nanhi Kali, an organisation working for girl children education in the country, realised progress could be made if the cause was prioritised for the donor. Inspiring the human within each donor was crucial.

Talking to Nanhi Kali representatives unveiled a powerful insight. When asked for money, people avoid a conversation. But when donors heard the stories of girl children who wanted to study, they opened up to listening and help.