Communications that have effectively used or combined emerging platforms or technology in the media mix. How did a particular tech or platform help address a specific business problem?

Grand Prix

Sea Hero Quest

Early Adopter Special Award

Sea Hero Quest

Brand Deutsche Telekom
Agency MediaCom, Saatchi & Saatchi
Advertiser Deutsche Telekom
Country Global

The German mobile operator created a smartphone game to support research into dementia and improve its brand image.

'Sea Hero Quest' measured spatial navigation and created a benchmark against which dementia could be measured in the future.

The game was downloaded 3 million times and Deutsche Telekom saw an 18-point increase in brand approval in Germany.


Dynamic recruitment

Dynamic recruitment

Brand The University of Sydney
Agency The Monkeys
Advertiser The University of Sydney
Country Australia

The University of Sydney used programmatic to deliver highly personalised ads which led to an increase in postgraduate applications and a reduction in cost per acquisition.

Bigger Than Suicide

Bigger Than Suicide

Brand Lynx
Agency Kinetic UK, Mindshare
Advertiser Unilever
Country United Kingdom

Lynx worked with suicide charity CALM to create a series of digital out-of-home ads which were integrated with a social media campaign to increase awareness of suicide among young men in the UK.

The campaign that saved 2500 lives

Special Award for Most Scalable Idea

The campaign that saved 2500 lives

Brand Softlogic Life Insurance
Agency Mindshare Sri Lanka
Advertiser Softlogic Holdings PLC
Country Sri Lanka

Insurance company Softlogic Life developed a SMS emergency hotline which was directly linked to the Disaster Management Center in order to help rescue the victims of floods during the monsoons in Sri Lanka.


Best Use of Augmented or Virtual Reality Special Award

React to shamers

Brand Always
Agency MediaCom Israel
Advertiser Procter & Gamble
Country Israel

Smart = Sexy

Brand Lifestyles, Blowtex
Agency +KNAUSS
Advertiser Ansell
Countries Brazil, United States


Inspiring weather to grill, or not

Brand Johnsonville Fresh Bratwurst
Agency CompassPoint Media
Advertiser Johnsonville Sausage Company
Country United States

#AdaAQUA campaign with #PathDaily

Brand AQUA
Agency Havas Media
Advertiser Danone
Country Indonesia

Humans 2: Closer to perfect than ever before

Brand Channel 4
Agency OMD UK, 4creative
Advertiser Channel 4
Country United Kingdom

From inside the plot

Brand Fiat
Agency People Initiative
Advertiser Fiat
Country Turkey


The Better Wishes

Brand Google Taiwan
Agency OMD Taiwan
Advertiser Google
Country Taiwan

Spreading love online, sending gifts on LINE

Brand Ferrero Rocher
Agency PHD Taiwan
Advertiser Ferrero
Country Taiwan

#AdaAQUA GifMojis

Brand AQUA
Agency Havas Media
Advertiser Danone
Country Indonesia

Love the cold

Brand Coors Light
Agency Kinetic, Starcom
Advertiser Heineken
Country Irish Republic


Brand Geological Survey of Canada History Committee
Agency McMillan
Advertiser Geological Survey of Canada History Committee
Country Canada

Our hearts beat as one!

Brand Cornetto
Agency Mindshare
Advertiser Hindustan Unilever
Country India

Martes de McDonald's

Brand McDonald's
Agency OMD, Tribal DDB
Advertiser McDonald's
Country Mexico


Special Awards

Early Adopter Award – how a brand successfully embraced a new platform

Most Scalable Idea – for a tech-led idea with the scope to make an impact within its sector and, potentially, beyond

Best Use of Augmented or Virtual Reality – how enhancements through virtual or augmented reality – or both - helped a campaign to fulfil its potential