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Neuroscience is the application of scientific understanding about how the human brain works and its decision-making processes to marketing and consumer research. Unlike conventional marketing research, neuroscientific techniques measure consumers’ unconscious emotional responses which can uncover valuable insights and purchase triggers. Techniques include neurometrics, which measure brain activity, and biometrics, which measure levels of emotional arousal. Marketers are using these in a number of areas, including brand equity studies, product- and ad-testing.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This paper examines the field of neuromarketing in detail. It looks at the methods currently in day-to-day use for measuring non-articulated consumer response. These range from highly technical applications such as fMRI to those that measure reactions in other parts of the body.
Findings and recommendations from the Advertising Research Foundation's Neuro 2 study.
Why buyers in search of neuromarketing solutions often face a series of daunting decisions.
Advances in neuroscience marketing research, how brands are using them and what challenges remain.
New developments in market research techniques, and how brands are taking these techniques on board.

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