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Automotive is a major advertising sector, highly consolidated among a small number of international car brands. Auto advertising can be either model-specific (particularly when there is a new model to promote), or at a brand level. Key trends in the industry include the shift toward more eco-friendly models and the rise of the ‘connected’ car. Trends to watch out for include the rise of ‘driverless’ cars.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the WARC database

This multi-paper feature looks at the different ways that automobiles are marketed and how the sector needs to adapt. From eco-friendly engines to digital connectivity, technology is changing what consumers demand and expect from a vehicle.
Learn why it’s essential for marketers to start thinking less about the car and more about experience.
Four consumer profiles for people buying cars based on different mixes of research and buying patterns.
An explanation of why the traditional car-buying purchase funnel used by many marketers is flawed.
Andy Nairn explores the success of automotive ads by analysing a range of winning IPA case studies.

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