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Customer acquisition

Finding and selling to new customers (as opposed to selling more to existing customers) is a key marketing challenge. Customer acquisition encompasses a range of techniques to stimulate interest from potential new customers, then to manage them through to sale. Customer acquisition strategies may focus on developing a long-term relationship with a customer rather than a one-off sale (for example, a service or supply contract), and profitability is determined by the lifetime value of the customer.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This detailed guide offers the building blocks for setting up KPIs and how they drive profitability. It also includes an overview of each of the major channels available, and practical guidance on how to use them individually and collectively to deliver success.
Byron Sharp and Kate Waters argue that advertising is a weak force compared to personal recommendations.
Les Binet and Peter Field on loyalty – and why aiming to gain new customers is more effective.
A new model of customer management and good practice in customer acquisition, penetration and retention.
TNS research offering a psychological perspective on how marketers can change consumer habits.

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