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TV advertising is a key brand-building tool, and remains a powerful marketing channel despite the rise of digital media. It is generally regarded as a highly effective medium, particularly when used to deliver emotional, rather than rational, messaging. While most viewing remains live, digital technology has fragmented audiences and made TV viewing possible at any time on a range of devices. That makes calculating TV audiences a key measurement challenge.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the WARC database

A look at the key ways to use TV effectively in the media mix - such as combining it with social, OOH, radio and press - and why TV has not been negatively impacted by new technologies.
Dual strategies are vital to reach consumers throughout the day.
How brands can create video creative that is engaging and brand-centric.
How on-demand and streaming has changed TV effectiveness measurement.
The optimal length for an ad depends on its strategic purpose.
Whether first, 'mid-pod' or last, positioning impacts viewer engagement.
Picking the best approach, including continuity, flighting or bursts.
Fragmented viewing is forcing a re-evaluation of audience measurement.
The new technologies offering advanced approaches to targeting.

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