IBM Envisions a Cross-Platform Marketing Ecosystem

Geoffrey Precourt
WARC Online

Saul Berman, lead partner/strategy & change consulting at the IBM Institute for Business Value and IBM Global Business Services, drew a deliberate distinction between innovations and inventions at the Advertising Research Foundation's (ARF) June 2009 Audience Measurement 4.0 event.

"Inventions sit around on a shelf. Innovations change the way we do business."

Berman's idea of an invention: "MIT's green screen on a shelf." An innovation: e-Bay.

In 2005, when IBM's PC business went East with Lenovo, its consumer-facing prospects changed. "We're a company that knows a lot about technology, but we're not technologists. We're also a company that invests tens of millions in business-research looking to create for business value."

Berman's own spin on "Audience Measurement 4.0" begins with a "beyond-advertising" perspective: "The distinctions between advertising and marketing are blurring, requiring new roles and new forms of consumer-centric marketing. Marketing companies need to build a new set of capabilities in the areas of cross-platform innovation, greater insights, open collaboration, and digital processes."