10 trends in digital marketing

Nuri Djavit

This year has seen a flurry of activity in digital marketing. Brands and digital agencies alike are fast reacting and gearing up for yet another year of rapid changes that will incorporate both the transformational and the incremental.

All eyes seem to be on social marketing and, while it will certainly be at the core of many campaigns, it will not be the only thing commanding a shift in how we communicate.

This year will see the hype calming around Facebook apps, Twitter campaigns and ROL models for social media. Digital experts at Last exit have put together the following list of top digital marketing trends for 2010.


1 Google has it; hoover has it (in the UK, anyway); TiVo had it, lost it, got it back. Xerox had it. What is it? It's when a brand name becomes the verb associated with its use: rather than searching online, you Google; or Tivo it, when recording a television show.