The marketing services supply chain: delivering the best for less

Charles Kirchner
Marketing Supply Chain International Ltd

Despite some significant blips, melt-downs and 'black weekdays of one sort or another, the last meaningful recession took place in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This means that it is unlikely that anyone under 40 will have had practical experience of operating in any other business environment than the recent relatively happy past.

For those of us who have been there before, there seem to be two principal options in this situation. The less heroic one is to take flight, dig in and look forward to donning the T-shirts emblazoned with 'I survived the last recession and I'm going to survive this one too'.

The other more challenging option is to reflect on personal experiences of the last major recession and see if there are any potentially useful hints and tips which may be relevant to the next year or two.