Sub-prime marketing is over

Derek Williams
Former Managing Director, Cadbury Schweppes

We are at the beginning of the age of spectacular discontinuity, where the past is no longer a safe guide to the future. As companies rapidly prepare for defence or survival, all tests are now 'suitable for purpose' ones.

For most marketers, this will be a test of survival management as the organisation takes stock of itself and prepares for a new future. It will be a period of rapid and constant adaptation. We never get back to where we were on the old escalator.

Consumers are already using their savings to cope with the costs of standing still, and when it gets beyond that they will begin rationing themselves. Consumers will change their needs and behaviours rapidly because the pleasure principle of recent times will not be with us for some time to come. For business, this can be an incredibly exciting time. Here are my tips for survival.