Freedom Must Advertise

Tom Dillon
Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn, Inc

What does advertising contribute to the world? Are we advertising men, as many people think, an expensive parasite on the social structure? You will not need to look far to find that point of view expressed.

And it would be odd, indeed, if everyone in advertising had not at some time or another wondered whether he was wasting his skills and his life in a meaningless exercise.

How, we may be asked, is mankind served by our efforts to show that this miracle suds gets your clothes whiter than that miracle suds? Why, the critics say, $17 billion every year is wasted in advertising—$17 billion that could better be used to rebuild the school system of America!

Furthermore, they say, wicked advertising people are so manipulating the public mind that spiritual values are being replaced by materialism and the shabby doodads of a tail-fin economy.