Surprise and Delight: P&G wins with its Pampers Superbowl and digital campaigns

Geoffrey Precourt

Procter & Gamble's North America Baby Care division has added a new spin to the decades-old marketing mantra, "surprise and delight." Pledging to "be where moms and dads are," the group moved in a different direction in 2009 by signing a quarterback as a primary spokesperson in support of a new line of diapers.

In some parts of the country, Drew Brees was a modest kind of hero. He signed with the New Orleans Saints as a free agent as the lower Louisianan region was spinning from the Hurricane Katrina after-effects. He had a powerful arm-if not a powerful winning record-but there was nothing spectacular about him in the early autumn of 2009 as a potential endorser. True, he was a handsome family man with a new baby on the way. But he didn't have the aw-shucks appeal of a Payton Manning or the gritty earthy appeal of a Bret Favre. He was a quarterback-a nothing-special NFL quarterback.