Reality YOUTH research – the Arabian YOU (TH) Tube!

Tammy Jalboukh and Ambrish Chaudhry
TNS Middle East


Businesses aiming for the Middle East will be targeting an increasingly young population in cities that continue to increase in size. Globally, the Middle East region has the youngest population (63% of the region's population is under 29 years) and the second highest rate of urbanization (an average annual urban growth rate of 4% over the last twenty years is second only to Sub-Saharan Africa).1

The Middle East's young people are living in changing cultures, in an evolving region. The winds of change have blown through the Arab world, bringing with them an explosion in media exposure and new technology, to the extent that some would say, “In the preceding five years the Arab world has seen more change than in the fifty before it”! Access to technology has created a new generation of tech-savvy youngsters who have become globally connected and are able to express themselves like never before.2