Sponsorship drives global brand affinity

Karen Earl

Sponsorship’s flexibility means it can be integrated into all marketing activities, addressing all key audiences, says Karen Earl

In the past decade sponsorship has firmly established itself as an effective marketing tool. No longer does it sit on the edges of brand marketing strategies as a ‘nice to do’. Marketers now fully embrace the fact that an integrated sponsorship campaign can achieve real business benefits.

The size and value of the sponsorship industry is testament enough. Estimated global expenditure in 2010 is an enormous $46 billion, compared with $44.4 billion in 2009. In Europe alone, expenditure in 2010 is set to reach $12.7 billion (source: IEG, www.sponsorship.com).

Like most industries, sponsorship has felt the effects of the global recession. The financial services sector is one of the major contributors to the industry worldwide; ergo, expenditure has been drawn back while the industry recovers from the recent downturn.