How brand communities influence innovation and culture

Martin Kornberger

The shift in power between consumer and producer brought by the new technologies has implications for organisations and the control they have over their brands. Martin Kornberger uses the example of LEGO to explore how brand communities share innovation and organisation culture

When time magazine announced its Person of the Year in 2006, it was YOU – because that was when you started to generate content, watched each other's movies on YouTube, viewed each other's photos on Flickr, programmed your own personality in Second Life, became an instant expert on Wikipedia, and ran your own retail shop on eBay.

For the first time, technology enabled people to effectively challenge and circumvent the privileges of organisations as producers of content.

Since brands are the interface for the rapidly expanding conversation between consumers and producers, the result is a radical new configuration of production and consumption. The monopoly of organisation control is being subverted by the creativity of the networked community.