Warc Briefing: Mobile

Definition: Mobile campaigns are communications designed to engage consumers using a mobile device or network.

Quick facts

  • Almost half (45%) of total time spent on the mobile web is spent on Facebooki.
  • More than three in four people on earth – 4.6 billion at the end of 2009 – use mobile phonesii.
  • Globally, one in two mobile users would accept receiving ads in return for being able to listen to songs for free on their phonesiii.

History and future outlook

With people more attached to their phones than ever before, mobile has become a very attractive channel for today's advertisers.

For one thing, mobile phones are more “personal” to the user than desktop and laptop computers. Mobile marketing also offers the potential for more accurate and granular audience measurement: people only log on to the mobile web on one device, whereas they tend to go online via multiple computers during the day.