IAB US 2009: Future directions for online advertising in a downturn

Geoffrey Precourt
WARC Online

For three days, speakers and attendees at the second-annual Leadership Conference of the US Interactive Advertising Bureau in Orlando went back and forth on the fundamental commercial proposition of the internet.

Is it driven by art and content? Or is it a pure numbers play, grounded in science?

Or, as conference Chair (and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia co-CEO) Wenda Harris Millard suggested, perhaps it's not an either/or question. To reach its potential, digital commerce has to be both art and science.

During her keynote address, Millard reminded delegates: "We are in the advertising business, not the technology business. And, no question about it: The advertising business is going through hell. But, as Winston Churchill once said, when you're going through hell, the best advice is to keep going.