Mobiles, Clouds and Connectivity - The Head of Google Predicts a Marketing Revolution

Geoffrey Precourt

Even the head of the world’s most powerful brand can dream: “I want to walk up to Gate 37 and I want my phone to tell me if my plane is on time. If the plane’s not there, I want my phone to tell me whether it’s going to show up. And, if it doesn’t, I want my phone to predict my level of frustration.”

It’s fair to say that no-one dreams like Eric Schmidt, Google chairman/ceo, and that no one is better connected to translating the imagination into reality.

“Technically, it’s all possible today” he told an audience at the 2009 Annual Convention of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) of his request for instant one-to-one airport updates. “The opportunity’s there. And, if we can do it at Gate 37, we can do it at any gate.”

A smartphone connection to GPS can identify and place a location, inside or outside an airport. “Mobile phones are not just phones. They’re computing platforms. They tell where you are. Predict where you’re going. If you take a picture of someone, they tell you who it is. It’s like taking a supercomputer with you.”