Address to 1935 semi-annual meeting of ANA

Raymond Rubicam
Founder, Young & Rubicam

Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentleman:

Before I made chairman of the 4 A's less than a month ago, your Program Committee had decided to ask the new chairman, whoever he night be, to address this meeting. That would seen to mean that I should speak today, not for myself alone, but also for those with whom I am associated in the 4 A's.

This I cannot do for the simple reason that I have not been chairman long enough to find out what the chair is supposed to say.

For the 4 A's, as well as for myself, however, I can express my appreciation of the generous terms in which the invitation to come here was extended. Your Program Committee put it this way: “Speak on any subject you want, say whatever is in your mind about it, and, although the session is open, if you want to talk without publication, we will arrange it that way.”