Set free your core narrative: the brand as storyteller

Richard Cordiner

I've got a confession to make: I recently spent an entire weekend watching HBO’s The Wire, getting through 17 episodes in just two days. Other than sloping off to McDonald’s occasionally for a refuel, I did nothing but watch television.

I realise I’m a bit off-trend here. The final episode of The Wire aired some time ago, and all the really cool people who got how great this show was while it was still on air are probably already on to the Next Big Thing I haven’t even heard of yet.

Meanwhile, I’ve been playing catch-up, spending a good proportion of the past two months of my life lost in the tragic bleakness of Baltimore’s drugs war.

During this time, I’ve come to know flawed cops, corrupt politicians, drug dealers and struggling addicts better than I know some of the people I work with every day. I’ve seen life slip through the cracks of urban decay. I’ve come to understand in intimate, painful detail that the American Dream is broken, and the reasons why. And now that it’s all over, all I can think about is going back there. I miss Baltimore, real bad.