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User guides

The User Guide details key content, tools and functionality, covering:

  • Searching and search tools
  • Navigation and key content areas
  • Saving items for later use
  • Registering for email updates
  • Contacting us for further help

Download the User Guide for Business Users

  Download the User Guide for Universities*   

*The User Guide for Universities excludes certain elements of personalised functionality (such as Saved Items) that require individual login details, rather than shared access systems generally used by business schools and universities. University account administrators wishing to discuss alternative access options to enable this functionality for students and faculty staff should contact their Client Services Manager.

Content queries

1. Q. What content will I find on WARC?

A. WARC is the world's premier information resource for marketing, advertising and communications professionals, with more than 50,000 papers, case studies and news stories covering all major advertising markets. We have material on all aspects of communications from award-winning case studies to cutting-edge think pieces and conference reports, academic papers and respected adspend forecasts.

2. Q. Where do you get your content from?

A. WARC content comes from several sources.

WARC's dedicated researchers and correspondents around the world produce much of our content.

We also showcase content from over 50 leading partners worldwide. For further information, browse a full list of WARC Partners.

The third source is the publications that we produce with other organisations, including Market Leader, the Journal of Advertising Research and the International Journal of Market Research.

If you believe you have content which could be published on WARC, email

3. Q. How often do you add new content to

A. We continually add to and update our material via work commissioned for, our own publications and content from our partnerships. To stay up to date with new content, sign up for our WARC Editors' Newsletter via the Email Updates section of Your WARC.

You can sign up for email updates to any Topic Page by selecting this subject in the Your Topics section in Your WARC.

4. Q. Can I suggest which Topics WARC should cover?

A. We would welcome any suggestions on making the site better! If there is a topic you would like to suggest, please send your feedback to

5. Q. How often are WARC data/statistics sections updated?

A. We have a dedicated FAQs section for our Data. For any further queries on WARC's data schedule please contact your Client Services Manager at WARC.

6. Q. How can I ensure delivery of WARC emails?

A. Some email programs require users to add email senders to their 'safe senders' list to guarantee messages are not wrongly intercepted by spam filters. Instructions for resolving this issue can be found here.

7. Q. Where are my Saved Items?

A. Saved Items are here. They can also be accessed from the Your WARC menu or from the footer.

Account queries

1. Q. How is my privacy protected?

A. WARC respects the privacy of our online visitors, and only gathers personally identifiable data, such as names, addresses, and e-mail addresses, when these are voluntarily submitted by the visitor. You can find full privacy information on our Terms & conditions page.

2. Q. How do I update my details and preferences?

A. The Your WARC section, found on the right-hand side of the navigation links at the top of the screen, allows users to manage their personal preferences in one place. For more, see our User Guide below.

3. Q. What is WARC Plus and how do I add this to my subscription?

A. WARC Plus is a premium service which allows users to ask the WARC research team any question on marketing, advertising or communications and receive a full briefing and list of suggested reading back within 24 hours. The resource is primarily for people who are under time pressure or who otherwise need the most relevant research as soon as possible. Find out more about WARC Plus here.

4. Q. Can I see how many downloads I have made?

A. Any user can check this by contacting their Client Services Manager.

5. Q. Can I share links to WARC articles with non-WARC subscribers?

A.You can share all of the free content on the site – such as news stories and posts on the WARC Blog – with others, for example by sending links to them. Likewise, you can share links to papers, videos and charts only accessible to subscribers via the "share" button at the top of every article (this offers a range of sharing tools such as email, bookmarks and social media sites).

But content shared via such services would only be viewable by other subscribers. You are not permitted to share subscriber-only WARC content with non-subscribers, for example by cutting and pasting papers or charts. (See our Terms & conditions).

6. Q. How can I change my account information?

A. All account information can be accessed and amended by choosing Your WARC on the navigation menu found at the top of the page.

7. Q. I've forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

A. Visit the Reset Password page and follow the instructions. A link to this can also be found on the Log In page.

8. Q. Where is my security PIN?

A. When requested, your PIN will be sent automatically to the email address you used to register on If you have not received the PIN within a couple of minutes, please check your junk/spam folder. (Instructions for making sure WARC emails do not go into the junk/spam folder can be found here.) If you still cannot find your PIN, please contact your Client Services Manager.

9. Q. How can I check to see if my company subscribes to WARC and, if so, get my login details?

A. You can check this here.

Search tips

Basic word searches

WARC's search engine automatically searches by default across the titles, subject tags, main text, summaries and authors of all documents. Results are returned by relevance: i.e. the documents that match your search term most closely are returned first.

The search engine prioritises those documents that match all of your search words. After these, or when it is unable to match all your search terms, it returns those that best match as many of your search terms as possible.

Exact phrase searches

If you want to search for documents that contain a specific phrase, enter the phrase in "double quotes".

Reordering and refining search results

Search results can be reordered by date (newest first or oldest first) by clicking on the 'Sort by:' option.

Results can also be filtered by content type – Case Studies, Articles, Research Papers and News – using the tabs at the top of search results pages.

The left-hand column of the search results pages contains a wide range of further refinement tools to help you pinpoint the information you need. These include the ability to narrow by:

  • Date range: view documents within a specific publication period (e.g. 2012-2015)
  • Source: focus on documents from a specific source (e.g. just Admap articles)
  • Country: view documents that relate to or mention a specific country
  • Industry sector: refine your results to documents about a sector (e.g. Food)
  • Brand: view documents that relate to individual brands

Users also have the opportunity to word search within your current results.

Any refinements you make will automatically be applied to your search results. These selections are summarised in the box headed 'Your Current Refinements' at the top of the left-hand column. You can easily undo any refinements you've made by clicking the grey crosses that appear beside each refinement.

Boolean searches

The WARC search engine supports Boolean searching, which enables complex search expressions to be created by chaining keywords together using standard operators such as 'OR', 'AND', 'NEAR' and 'NOT'. These operators must be entered in UPPER CASE.

For example: advertising AND children NEAR toys AND NOT food

Other search options and tools

More search options, including combinations of keyword criteria, content field, date range and publication source, are available using the Advanced Search.

WARC's entire collection of case studies can also be searched by industry sector, campaign objective, media, region and target audience using the Case Finder tool.

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