Alex Lewis

22 October 2020 Video consumption soared during lockdown, including a notable spike in viewing on connected TV devices. Erica Probst, YouTube’s Head of Sales for UK and Ireland, talks to Alex Brownsell for WARC's Marketer’s Toolkit 2021 about how the platform is targeting both brand and activation ad dollars in 2021 and beyond.
20 October 2020 2020 will go down as the year in which TikTok tipped into the media mainstream. Trevor Johnson, the social video app’s Head of Marketing, Global Business Solutions, Europe, talks to Alex Brownsell for the WARC Marketer’s Toolkit 2021 about how brands should go about engaging – and selling to – its growing number of users.
14 October 2020 New research from Revolt highlights a gap between business rhetoric on brand purpose and the experiences of their customers.
05 October 2020 Brands could increase ROI by taking a different approach to campaign flight schedules, according to new research by Entropy.
03 September 2020 It is easier than ever for brands to advertise to gamers, but marketers must be willing to understand this nuanced – and occasionally prickly – audience, writes Alex Brownsell.
02 July 2020 The #StopHateForProfit protest may signal the start of a wider clean-up of the digital media ecosystem, and a greater brand intolerance for the darker corners of the web.
30 June 2020 To bounce back from an unfortunate annus horribilis, brands and media owners must take a new, more localised approach to OOH advertising.
06 April 2020 The use of artificial intelligence in marketing is at a tipping point, suggests Alex Wilman. It’s important brands understand what consumers will and won’t tolerate.
02 April 2020 Publishers hope to emerge from the crisis by fortifying brand and user relationships – even if that means accepting short-term pain, writes Alex Brownsell.
13 March 2020 As sports competitions around the world are suspended, Alex Burmaster, co-founder of sports marketing platform caytoo, offers advice for how brands can salvage their investments in sponsorship programmes.
10 March 2020 The most-awarded campaigns of 2019 offer plenty of lessons for media owners, not least the importance of deeper partnerships with brand advertisers, writes Alex Brownsell.
21 February 2020 Knowing where an audience is and understanding its behaviour is key to planning a digital out-of-home campaign, writes Alex Wright, head of insights at Blis.
11 February 2020 In the first of a new series of reports exploring the opportunities and challenges facing media owners in local markets, WARC takes a closer look at goings-on Down Under.
03 February 2020 Sponsorship is a vital channel for marketers, but for too long measurement has remained a mystery. This month's edition of Admap explains how brands can achieve sponsorship effectiveness.
29 January 2020 Do chief marketing officers still have a role in today’s business? Yes, says Adverity’s Alexander Igelsböck – but they need to adapt to changing circumstances.
17 January 2020 Global’s newly-revealed plan for its audio and OOH businesses hints at a bigger change in the roles that brand-building and performance advertising will play in delivering marketing outcomes.
12 December 2019 Industry excitement is growing around the transformative potential of addressable TV advertising. This may be a little premature, writes Alex Brownsell.
02 December 2019 Marketers will be tuning in to find out if Amazon’s live English Premier League coverage heralds a new opportunity for data-driven brand-building, says Alex Brownsell .
13 November 2019 As the dust settles on the 2019 Rugby World Cup, Alex Burmaster of sports marketing platform caytoo picks out his favourite sponsor activations which highlight sponsorship best practice.
01 November 2019 In the battle for growth, brand partnerships are a savvy and often untapped strategy, as this month’s edition of Admap investigates. Elen Lewis, Admap’s commissioning editor, explains why and how brands should collaborate for competitive advantage
22 October 2019 Wavemaker’s Alex Steer queries why advertisers and agencies doubt social’s impact, selecting three winning cases from the 2019 WARC Awards which more than prove its ability to drive growth and profit.
19 September 2019 Audience expectations around brand purpose are impacting the ways in which publishers work with advertisers, according to The Economist Group’s Mina Seetharaman.
18 September 2019 With the Rugby World Cup about to kick off in Japan, Alex Burmaster of sports marketing platform caytoo crunches the numbers around sponsors and media coverage .
04 September 2019 David Buttle, the FT’s Global Marketing Director, Commercial, explains how brands and media  owners can return marketing to a healthier balance between short- and long-term ad investment.
02 September 2019 Video planning is changing, and this month's edition of Admap evaluates the landscape. WARC's Senior Editor - Media, Alex Brownsell, explains what strategists need to know about video in an ever more digital world.