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About the Awards

The Design Business Association (DBA) Design Effectiveness Awards recognise impactful, wide-ranging examples of design that have had a tangible and measurable impact upon business success.

The most recent Awards were announced in June 2020 and the winning papers are available to read here on WARC.

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Grand Prix


Diageo: Guinness Hero Harps

Brand Guinness
Agency Design Bridge
Country Australia, Ireland and United Kingdom

Guinness encouraged people to pick its brand at the bar by launching a glowing golden harp at the point of sale.

The brand created the Hero Harp, a beautiful white glow illuminating the Guinness wordmark, while a white light emanates from the core.

This led to 75% more orders than Guinness had targeted in the UK and, in Australia, the new fount achieved significantly higher sales than the previous year.

Gold winners


Mother: Vending reinvented

Brand Mother
Agency B&B Studio
Country United Kingdom

Mother launched its healthy vending machine across the US with a design that used touch screen technology to show consumers the nutritional information of their decisions.

Glasgow Club

Glasgow Life and Glasgow Sport (Glasgow City Council): I am the goal smashing – Glasgow Club rebrand

Brand Glasgow Club
Agency 999 Design Group
Country United Kingdom

Glasgow Club relaunched its brand to gain memberships across Glasgow by launching a new colour palette and messaging system that changed perceptions of what a 'council gym' is.

The Glengoyne Distillery

The Glengoyne Distillery: Experience nurtured and matured for 10 years

Brand The Glengoyne Distillery
Agency Contagious
Countries United Kingdom

The Glengoyne Distillery launched a 10-year redesign of its distillery, which increased visitors and spend across Scotland.


Flawsome!: From wonky to wonderful

Brand Flawsome!
Agency Coley Porter Bell
Country United Kingdom

Flawsome redesigned its packaging and changed its name from Get Wonky in the UK to better promote its products made from flawed fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be wasted.


TrueStart: Wild for Life

Brand TrueStart
Agency Brand Opus
Country United Kingdom

Honey I'm Home: dog treats

Brand Honey I'm Home
Agency Lewis Moberly
Country United States

Barnsley Premier Leisure: Your Space

Brand Barnsley Premier Leisure
Agency WPA Pinfold
Country United Kingdom

Dalston's Soda Co.: Soda with Soul – Rebrand

Brand Dalston's Soda Co.
Agency B&B Studio
Country United Kingdom

Well & Truly: Rebrand – Say goodbye to sad snacks

Brand Well & Truly
Agency B&B Studio
Country United Kingdom

McCormick: Reversing decline in a growing category

Brand McCormick
Agency Brand Opus
Country United Kingdom

Arçelik: The Arçelik Experience Centre

Brand Arçelik
Agency Fitch Design
Country Turkey

ALKIMI brand creation: Cleaning up the category

Brand Alkimi
Agency Bulletproof
Country United Kingdom

Albury Vineyard: Wine fit for a queen – How a premium rebrand captivated a nation

Brand Albury Vineyard
Agency Detail
Country United Kingdom

East Street Arts: Space for artists

Brand East Street Arts
Agency Thompson Brand Partners
Country United Kingdom

Harvey Nichols: When food met fashion

Brand Harvey Nichols
Agency Smith &+ Village
Country United Kingdom

Baileys Strawberries & Cream

Brand Baileys
Agency Vault 49
Country United Kingdom


Jubel: Creating cut through in the craft beer category

Brand Jubel
Agency Pearlfisher
Country United Kingdom

Anglian Water: Water Resource East – Future of Water

Brand Anglian Water
Agency Spring Design
Country United Kingdom

Honest Crust: Where eating good is doing good

Brand Honest Crust
Agency Ape Creative
Country United Kingdom

Cottage Delight: Redesign – A celebration of variety and food discovery

Brand Cottage Delight
Agency Brand Opus
Country United Kingdom

Pipers: Living Life Boldly

Brand Pipers Crisps Co
Agency Brand Opus
Country United Kingdom

Danerolles: How a fresh dough brand regained strength at home and beyond

Brand Danerolles
Agency Design Bridge
Country Europe (general region)

BEARFACE brand design: Canadian whisky – Hide nothing. Fear nothing

Agency Pearlfisher
Country Canada

Marks & Spencer: How Plant Kitchen has helped plant-based eating go mainstream

Brand Marks & Spencer
Agency Coley Porter Bell
Country United Kingdom

Heath & Heather: Health and happiness in a teacup

Brand Heath & Heather
Agency This Way Up
Country United Kingdom