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Overview 1. Why are strategists needed? 2. Strategic approaches 3. How is strategy changing? 4. Emerging skillsets 5. Strategy across markets 6. Real-life examples 7. Takeaways and next steps
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This section of the Strategy Toolkit is designed to encourage readers to think about the purpose of strategy within marketing development. Given the business role of marketing, as set out in the How Marketing Works section, where does the strategist fit in?

In this section you will learn:

1. Why are strategists needed?

This selection of papers covers the basic principles of 'account planning', the key strategy role within the agency world, and the early – and still valid – definitions of great planning practice. The papers highlight the basic skills that every strategist should have in their toolkit: the understanding of brand strategy; the ability to inspire and nurture creativity; and the ability to use data and research to drive insight.

2. Strategic approaches

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