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Overview 1. What is 'insight'? 2. Research techniques 3. Identifying target audiences 4. Understanding core audiences 5. Real-life examples 6. Takeaways and next steps
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The purpose of this section of the Strategy Toolkit is to provide a grounding in the tools and techniques a strategist can use to find consumer insights that will be relevant to the brand challenge.

In this section you will learn:

1. What is 'insight'?

'Insights' can be an obsession for strategists. They are seen as the bedrock of smart communications, the 'nuggets' that guide creative work. They can be hard to define, but there's a feeling that, like creativity, 'you know it when you see it'.

So this module starts with a very simple question – what is an insight? And, just as important, what type of insight is useful when developing a marketing or communications strategy?

2. Research techniques

'Insight' is broader than 'consumer insight', but for many strategists insight generation starts in consumer research. So here you will find some of the basic principles of researching consumers and extracting the signal from the noise.

3. Identifying target audiences

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