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Overview 1. Decision-making 2. Behavioural economics 3. The role of storytelling 4. Influence through word-of-mouth 5. Loyalty and habit 6. Real-life examples 7. Takeaways and next steps
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Alongside deep knowledge of the brand, strategists need to be able to develop understanding of the consumers the brand needs to attract. This section of the Strategy Toolkit provides a grounding in modern ideas of consumer behaviour.

What emerges is a picture of human behaviour as shaped by the modern world and modern communication technologies – but at the same time far more enduring and far more deeply-rooted in our biology and instincts than was once thought possible.

In this section you will learn:

1. Decision-making

The more we learn about consumers, the more we realise that awareness, interest, attitudes and behaviour are all shaped and 'primed' by a whole range of factors, both internal and external, that go far deeper than rational thought. This selection of papers includes some representative discussions of the most important themes emerging in our growing understanding of consumers' minds.

2. Behavioural economics

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