A case history: How the Norwegian broadcasting corporation (NRK) met the competition from commercial stations in the early nineties

NRK was founded in 1933 as a non-commercial state-owned public service station with a program concept very much like BBC's.

A Case History: How The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) Met The Competition From Commercial Stations In The Early Nineties

Erik Dalen Markeds- og Mediainstituttet A/S (MMI), Norway and Tor Fuglevik Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)), Norway

also have relatively low listening frequency and spend little time on radio listening. Different from the modern materialists, however, they are well-oriented about the programmes of all actual stations, and listen selectively to the station that has the right programme at the right time. They prefer programmes with academic approach, in-depth news, politics, social analysis, discussions, programmes about art and culture, radio theatre and of course music. Their music preferences span from pop-music from the sixties and seventies and jazz, to international folk music and classics. Now and then they listen to contemporary pop-music, just to be updated and able to communicate with the youth.