Audio: Prospering in the ever-present medium

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Need to know

  • UK consumers perform an average of 22.2 searches per day, meaning a total number of daily searches of over one billion
  • Search behaviour has become increasingly varied and fragmented as consumers begin to incorporate voice and visual search inputs in addition to typing
  • Smart speaker owners are using the devices for a more diverse range of tasks, with search now ranking alongside listening to music in frequency of use
  • Voice search is most effective in ‘short and sharp’ moments when consumers are looking for a specific response with one objective answer, and can be trickier when looking for something more complex
  • While there are no specific PPC voice search ad product yet, marketers should closely monitor developments and potentially restructure keyword accounts
  • Visual search, using images as the input, far better suited to provide moments of inspiration, exploration and creativity, where searches can be hard to articulate
  • Consumers are increasingly turning to ‘vertical search’ on platforms more focused on one specific industry or type of content – using platforms such as travel search engine Skyscanner or Amazon or eBay for online retail
  • While vertical search has traditionally occurred close to the moment of purchase, such search behaviour is now taking place further up the funnel and is being used as a means of research and inspiration
  • Striking the right balance across various search platforms and devices will be crucial to future brand success