Executive Summary

ALDI knows how to make miracles happen at Christmas, transforming what should be our most vulnerable time of year as a discount supermarket into the most successful period for the business each year. This is the story of how we unlocked new momentum and cultural resonance by celebrating Aussie generosity at Christmas, despite being up against unforeseen market forces in the lead up to Christmas. The campaign was ALDI's most effective Christmas campaign to date.

Challenge, Objectives & Strategy

Every year ALDI sets out to make our Christmas even more effective than the last

For the past couple of years our emotive campaigns have helped ALDI make Christmas one of the most successful periods of the year for the business, beating record- breaking sales each and every year.2 However, a big part of this success is our commitment to never being complacent. We know that past successes don't necessarily guarantee future success, so we treat each and every Christmas with as much importance as our first. Each year we face challenges both new and ingrained, and in order to keep this success going, we always strive to evolve our thinking and create better, more effective work.