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Advertiser: Dubai Health Authority
Brand: Dubai Health Authority
Agency: The Classic Partnership
Country: United Arab Emirates

Campaign Summary

Dubai has a huge blue-collared workforce. A vast majority come from rural areas around the region and from the Asian sub-continent which covers India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Most of these workers are illiterate and converse only in their native language which limits their comprehension on many things. This includes taking medication. More than often, these workers make a guess on dosage and risk suffering from an overdose. To overcome this, the challenge was to devise a system which could work across the different profiles of workers. It had to be simple, cost-effective and above all universal in application. To address this issue, a simple pictorial prescription was devised.

It clearly indicated all the key elements that were required. From the number of tablets or the amount of syrup, the frequency and time of consumption, and the duration of the course were all illustrated in a sticker which was pasted on the medication packaging. Common and basic symbols were utilised to ensure comprehension was absolute. Being the regulatory body in the emirate, Dubai Health Authority had the avenue to implement the initiative across all healthcare service providers, especially with all pharmacies. Several key pharmacies, which were frequented by blue-collared workers, were identified to pilot the project. The feedback, response and effectiveness were monitored over a two-month period to accommodate revisions and fine-tuning if they were necessary before the unique system became a mandate throughout Dubai. The successful implementation in Dubai will definitely pave way for a national-level launch.

Marketing Context