Campaign details

Brand: Lego
Client: Kevin Hagino
Agency: Iris Singapore

Executive Summary

LEGO is one of the world's most beloved brands, a cultural icon which has laid the foundation of many a generations' happy childhood. But in Singapore 2015, it was staring down the barrel of an uneasy future. Singapore's propensity to embrace the new and shiny meant fears were mounting LEGO could be relegated to obscurity, by the tide of new disruptive digital toys, tablets and apps sweeping the market.

LEGO needed to put a stake in the ground and remind parents and kids alike that it remained just as relevant today as it did in yesteryear. This required not only a captivating idea, but an appropriate cultural moment to launch the idea in a way that grabbed the public imagination.

Singapore's momentous 50th birthday celebration presented just such an opportunity. But how to cut through and take advantage ? Every brand would likely be jumping on the same nostaligia bandwagon and there was potential of public backlash if brands tried too overly to capitalize commercially off a moment of celebration.