"Consumers increasingly expect brands to have not just functional benefits but social purpose". Harvard Business Review, Competing on Social Purpose, September - October 2017, Omar Rodgriguez Vila and Sundar Bharadwaj.

More than ever marketers are seeking to communicate a deeper meaning and purpose for their brands in order to attract and keep customers.

But communicating this depth and complexity is difficult in a world where people are bombarded with so many commercial messages every day that many don't even register.

Using a new global study, we put cinema under the spotlight and compare its performance with all other media channels, from TV to digital (and even owned and earned channels). Not only does the work cover all media touchpoints, it picks up these brand encounters in real time. This means we see in the real world what people are noticing and paying attention to, rather than in a more artificial laboratory setting. The new evidence from this work will help marketers to understand the role cinema can play in the marketing mix.

The backdrop