Agency: Wiper


Maintaining the market share. Before Father's Day it was 70% in the Male Grooming category (trimmers and razors).

A minimum 20% increase in retail sales compared to the previous year. Not only was a good sell-in necessary for success, but it would also be measured by the final sell-out.

Maintain the brand's TOMA. The sales objective was complemented by a clear brand positioning objective.


The presence of a new player/competitor in the market threatened Philips and their 70% audience share leadership. The challenge was presented by the competition's pricing strategy. During Father's Day, when there's a peak in sales in the category, Philips had to respond with a massive campaign oriented to sales and branding. The brand would not lower prices, since they considered that could put their long-maintained market position at risk.

We needed to engage all audience segments by resorting to massive and all-embracing activity.