Agency: Qendar - RappArgentina


To generate leads via Facebook post links to feed into UNICEF's ongoing telemarketing fundraising activity.

The cost per lead must be low enough to ensure that the payback period of the entire campaign (including media expense in Facebook plus the cost of the telemarketing) come in at less than 12 months of the donations obtained. (Payback in months is a common KPI for this type of fundraising.)


The experience of other nonprofits in Argentina has shown that requesting donations directly online is a losing proposition, because it does not yield enough responses to justify the media expense. Therefore, our strategy was to ask people to sign an online petition. We tested different calls to action and found that the most effective was Sign now so that the National Government will name the new Defender of the Rights of Girls, Boys and Adolescents. UNICEF then contacted the signers by phone to thank them for their support and to explain that there is also another way to help these young people: donating to UNICEF.

Creative solution