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Agency: Medialab

Cold direct mail (DM) generated a significant proportion of sales for Age UK's lottery programme – but GDPR posed a serious threat.

The charity needed to revise its acquisition and strategic approaches in new and existing channels to keep growing long-term.


Charities face increasing challenges: Decreasing number of people giving to charity year on year; only 50% believe charities are trustworthy; and a decrease in frequency of giving - 13% give to charity rarely, 5% never.

Age UK raises funds to provide vital care and support for the UK's older, lonely population.

But in 2017, only 3% of the total amount donated to charities was for the cause of older people.

As GDPR threatened to impact Age UK Lottery's most effective method of player recruitment – cold DM – any further loss would be critical.

In-depth analysis was crucial.

Building on existing insight, audience consumption tools and attribution modelling, Age UK sought to understand key channels for primary and secondary audience, and built a strategy to reach those audiences through a multi-channel approach.