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Agency: Ogilvy

Build a new, direct relationship with F1 fans to reverse declining interest in the sport.


When Liberty Media bought F1 in 2017 neglected fans had cooled on the sport and viewership was in decline. To drive new interest followers would need to be put first. Liberty and Ogilvy set about creating a "season of stories" about fans' passions to re-engage the audience.

Faced with making complex rules and perceived repetitive racing more compelling, F1 wanted to turn fans into geeks and create a new generation of "insiders", educating and entertaining them in a way that reflected the different passions wrapped up in the sport.

F1 is full of stories and a database crying out for content. The relentless technical innovation, the drivers, the teams, back-room politics and the unique character of each circuit were fertile ground. The goal was to hook the audience into multiple narratives, treating each race as the latest episode in a great, unfolding drama.