Campaign details

Agency: MRM//McCann

With an audience seduced by more exotic climes – and a UK ferry market in long term decline – many P&O customers are sailing less or not at all.

It was time to make ferry travel feel aspirational and special again.


This was a brave campaign that reached out to a whole new audience: the "Active Explorers".

These are people who pride themselves on going off the beaten track. They could probably afford 5-star, exotic holidays, but they're not after luxury.

These are adventurers. They're not ruled by guidebooks. They're ruled by whims.

But they might not realise just how much freedom taking the car would give them.

Especially when they can throw everything in the back and do whatever they like, whenever they want.

The "Active Explorers" don't like to be told where to go. They want authentic, they want to create their own experiences.