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Agency: Proximity London


Reaching TV licence evaders is no easy task.

They're a tough audience who really don't want to think about getting caught. Some might be struggling to pay, some won't pay on principle.

But despite regular comms to approximately 1.4 million unlicensed addresses, most recipients still ignore the information.

Things needed to change.

Firstly, subtle hints.

Secondly, clarity around enforcement.

Thirdly, emphasis on the consequences of evasion.

All empowered with a strong sense of authority.


Information is useless if no-one reads it.

And that meant getting past the hurdle of having recipients open the envelopes they were served with.

A non-branded manila outer featured a double-window featured the intriguing line: "Will you be in on <XX month>?"

Upon opening, the reader was served a letter from TV licensing, followed by a question, and a date.