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Agency: Proximity London

Virgin Holidays were growing in size but stagnant in profit.

A brand famous for its obsession with its customers was competing on prices and forgetting about creating great customer sales experiences.

To grow again it was time to turn things around.


Virgin Holidays had a big problem.

Despite £600 million in revenue they were only making a £3 million profit.

They were competing on offers with much bigger travel groups such as Tui and Thomas Cook.

So the strategy was to change from aiming at the head, and instead focus on the heart.

Across a three-year booking cycle, the work analysed thousands of touchpoints, across countless trading channels, with a huge variance in buying intent, and discovered three key mood states to target:

The dreaming state: Holiday research; seeking that holiday high.

The anticipation state: Pre-travel anxiety and excitement; managing the holiday high.