Challenge, context & objectives


In October 2017 BMW introduced the first-ever BMW X2, a compact SUV with extroverted appearance and unseen vehicle design. It is built to appeal to a young target group - Millennials. A deliberate move ahead.

"The unique vehicle concept offers a new, fresh and exciting facet of the BMW brand in the compact segment," says BMW chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk on the BMW X2.


It's a challenging time. Most vehicle manufacturers release new cars summer to fall and focus on communication in the late fall and winter months. Additionally, 2017 had a lot of compact SUV introductions, especially from mainstream brands at a lower price point, that speak to a younger audience, such as the Renault Captur or the Ford EcoSport (Facelift).

BMW chose to use a multistep launch with the SOC taking place on Oct 25th and the pre-launch communication starting shortly after – while the car release was not due until March 2018.